Brooklyn Craft was founded by Omar Hileh, an American / New Yorker who moved to the UK in pursuit of a lifetime dream - owning his own food establishment.

Brooklyn Craft takes pride in preparing everything fresh, including the beef which is hand pressed daily.

At Brooklyn Craft we only use the best quality meat in order to deliver the greatest burger experience. In the first few months of opening, Brooklyn Craft had been rated in the top 10 food establishments in Shrewsbury!

Brooklyn Craft is single-handedly changing the takeaway industry as we know it, replacing cheap mass-produced takeaway food with fresh hand prepped gourmet products, using locally sourced meats, vegetables and bread.

At Brooklyn Craft we not only serve gourmet burgers to the carnivores, we have vegetarian and vegan options too!

Come join the hype at Brooklyn Craft and contribute to a local business who's vision is to feed people good takeaway food.